Santa School at Southwark Cathedral

Ho! Ho! Ho!

On Wednesday 27 November, the Cathedral hosted the annual Santa School by events company Ministry of Fun.

Santa School is the longest running genuine training school for professional Father Christmases in the UK. The training is rehearsal for playing one of the biggest roles of the year and Santa School covers all aspects of the role from boots to beard. 

This includes history, characterisation, 'wardrobe' and the all-important role-play to ensure Santa is equipped with a sack full of responses to ready him for every possible scenario, difficult question and child. 

Although of course he needs to be ready to improvise in character too, as we all know how wonderfully unpredictable his little target audience can be!

*Note to children reading this. 

Don't worry, when you go to visit Father Christmas this year, you will DEFINITELY be meeting the Real One.  Santa School is only here to help him out on those very, very rare occasions that he can't be in two places at once.

All images (C) Jeff Moore