Doorkins Magnificat Retires

This week it was announced that Doorkins, the cat who lives in Southwark Cathedral, has retired to more comfortable surroundings now that old age has finally caught up with her. The Dean, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, has issued this statement to the congregation

‘When Doorkins arrived at the Cathedral back in 2008 we didn’t know her name, we didn’t even know she was a ‘she’; she was just a little cat, without a home.  Through the kindness of the vergers she found her way in, enjoyed the food and the warmth and, eventually she made her home with us.  When our former Dean, Colin Slee, died she spent his final night beneath his coffin, she met the Queen (though slept through the experience), she had a book produced about her and over time became a Twitter celebrity (@DoorkinsM).

She was out of the Cathedral when the terrorist attack happened in 2017 and when, finally, she got back into the church, her home, she never left again.  We have come to know her and she has come to know us and the thousands of people who have made friends with her, people who love her.  Over the last few months we have noticed that she has not been so well.  Her hearing and her sight have deteriorated and that came to a head last weekend.  She can no longer find her way around and what was her place of comfort and safety became hazardous and this was confirmed for us when went to see the vet last week who told us that old age has caught up with her. 

So she has retired and moved to her retirement home, with one of the vergers, where she is warm and safe and being pampered, just what she deserves.  We will continue to hear news of her.  But at this point I simply want to thank her on all our behalves.  She has become the feline face of Southwark Cathedral, a symbol for many of our openness, our inclusiveness, our hospitality and our humanity.  She is still part of the family but now taking a well-deserved rest.’

Doorkins will continue to play a role in the life of the community but from her new home.

The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark