Caring For One Another During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We would like to encourage everyone to keep in touch with those who sit around them in the Cathedral for services during the Covid-19 outbreak

One of the real challenges of self-isolating is that we can easily lose contact with one another and feel very lonely. So please make it your responsibility to check in with those you know in the congregation who might like to hear from you by text or phone.

If you feel ill and need to self-isolate, then please do let us know by contacting the Sub Dean by email or telephone 020 7367 6706 so that we can hold you in prayer and contact you.

Prayer is at the heart of our life at Southwark Cathedral. We welcome your prayers being joined with ours. if you wish to send a prayer to us then visit the following link and fill in the prayer request form. 

If you are feel unable to join us for worship then why not use one of these prayer resources:

All Hallows by the Tower

Daily Prayer

Pray as you go