A Week After the Attack

To mark the events of Friday 29 November inside Fishmongers’ Hall and subsequently on London Bridge, events that affected the communities on the southern end of the bridge

A minute’s silence will be held in Southwark Cathedral on Friday 6 December.  You are invited to join us in the Cathedral. 

The ceremony will begin at 1.58pm, the time at which the police were first alerted and after the ringing of the Cathedral bell a minute’s silence will be held concluding at 2pm. 

We continue to pray for the souls of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, those injured and all caught up with what happened, and we continue to minister to our own community for whom this second attack had a profound effect.


God of unfailing compassion,

make us strong in the face of terror,

loving in the presence of hatred,

bold in our diversity,

always knowing

that your hand holds us

and your life sustains us,

today, tonight and always.