Week of Prayer for Christian Unity marked in Southwark and Rouen

On Sunday 14 January, Canon Richard Hearn, Dean of the Roman Catholic St George’s Cathedral in Lambeth preached at Evensong at Southwark.

Meanwhile Sub Dean Michael Rawson was in Rouen Cathedral with a party from Southwark to join in the Normandy capital’s local Unity Week events. He read the Gospel during the Roman Catholic Mass.

The main service for La semaine de prière pour l'Unité Chrétienne was at St Eloi Protestant Church where Canon Michael carried the Bible in procession at the entry. Speakers included the Archbishop of Rouen Mgr Dominique Lebrun.

The following day the host church's minister James Lowe gave a meditation during the Cathedral Solemn Mass.

The Southwark party attended a reception given by the Cathedral parish where Père Alexandre Gérault, the new Dean of Rouen, recalled that the Rouen-Southwark link had been established by Canon Roy White 23 years ago.

Canon Michael, replied, referring to the Brexit debate in the news, and said that Southwark really valued its friends and partnership links with Rouen.
" In the last two years we have both had experience of terrorism. We joined our prayers with you over the tragic murder of Fr Jacques and we had a requiem in Southwark for him. And six months ago when we had the terror attack on Borough Market and London Bridge and Southwark Cathedral was closed we valued your prayers and all the support you sent to us."

The party also saw the Rouen Cathedral chapel containing a relic of St Olav and afterwards was shown the recently opened Historial Jeanne D'Arc multi media exhibition in part of the Archbishop's Palace