Totally Thames 2018 at Southwark Cathedral

We are delighted to be taking part in Totally Thames 2018.

Totally Thames 2018 is an annual celebration of the River Thames with a creative and diverse programme that inspires, connects and enthrals throughout the month of September curated and managed by the Thames Festival Trust.


From 1 September until 30 September, visitors to the Cathedral will be able to see our new Lancelot's Link free exhibition titled 'Votive'.  

The Associated Clay Workers Union (ACWU), alongside ceramic students from Morley College, have produced work around the theme of votive offerings.

The act of offering Votives into water is known in many cultures and throughout history from early Neolithic times. Water is seen as life giving and curative, it has a liminal capacity, connecting one realm with another. Votive offerings maybe around commemoration and remembrance, linked to death and departure, they can also be around cleansing and disposal, a ritual act to engender change and hope for the future.

Votives are often given in dedication or as a consequence of a vow, a performance undertaken in uncertain times and in thanks for subsequent relief. Visitors to the exhibition and performance will be encouraged to personally engage and reflect upon their own experiences of ritual and belief, their wishes for change and the role of the Thames in this ‘liquid hope’.  The exhibition will conclude on the 30 September with a performance of gifting the votives to the river at Bankside Pier from noon. 

Further information can be found here

Sories of London: The River Thames - A Day of Talks

On Saturday 15 September we are delighted to be hosting our Stories of the River Thames event.  Come and find out about the history of the Port of London, once one of the busiest ports in the world, uncover the story of Agnes Beckwith, the 'premier lady swimmer' of her day, find out about the oldest tunnel in the oldest underground system in the world and discover the story behind an ambitious art project by which looks to illuminate the bridges of the River Thames.   Speakers include historians Peter Stone and Caitlin Davies.

Tickets costs £12.50 and can be purchased from Eventbrite here

Profane to Sacred

Throughout September, visitors will also be able to see a remarkable cope (vestment worn by priests) made entirely from plastic salvaged from the banks of the River Thames.  Titled 'Profane to Sacred', artist Sarah Wilson trawled through the foreshore in Mudchute and Limehouse, collecting more than six kilogrammes of plastic.  'Profane to Sacred' will be on display in the Cathedral retrochoir before being worn by The Very Revd Andrew Nunn at our Choral Evensong service on Sunday 30 September.

For further information about the Totally Thames Festival 2018 please visit their website here