'The Stranger in the Wings': expecting the unexpected during Advent and Epiphany

Expecting the unexpected in Advent

A free programme of drop-in sessions, which will explore through scripture, poetry, art, creativity and theological writings how we can encounter God more deeply, and often in unexpected ways.

The seasons of Advent and Epiphany invite us to wait and look.  During advent, while the calendar year is ending, we anticipate the birth of Jesus and look forward to the coming of Christ, looking both behind and ahead.  In Epiphany, although we are surrounded by January 'resolutions', with the Church we continue to look and wait.  With the magi we look for the one born to be king and we try to realise in our own lives the meaning of what we have found and seen.  While Advent looks from the darkness to light, Epiphany, dazzled by light, waits to understand its meaning.

The Sunday sessions are punctuated by an Advent Vigil on Saturday 22 December and end with a weekend retreat in February or March 2019 which will offer more space to reflect on what we have experienced.  

These sessions are open to everyone and offer a variety of ways to wait and look as we seek to deepen our experience of the divine.

Sunday Sessions take place at 9.45am and 12.30pm on

9 and 16 December 2018

6 and 13 January 2019.

For further information please contact Canon Leanne Roberts by email