The Power of Love

On Monday 29 October we were delighted to welcome over 400 people (and Doorkins the Cathedral cat) who enjoyed a powerful and uplifting evening listening to Bishop Michael Curry.

In an exciting collaboration between Southwark Cathedral and Greenbelt, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church spoke as part of the launch of his book of collected sermons, The Power of Love. 

Introduced by Greenbelt trustee the Rev Kate Bottley and in conversation with Cole Morton, Bishop Curry spoke about his experience of preaching at the Royal Wedding in May, about the opportunities this opened up for spreading the gospel in new forums, and most powerfully, of his message of the power of love as the only force capable of transforming a troubled world. 

He spoke of his work with other progressive Christian leaders in the US to reclaim Jesus's teaching as a force for good in the world, and of the journey of the Episcopal Church to celebrating same-sex marriages, guided by love. 

Bishop Michael's book is available to buy now in the Cathedral Shop.