Taizé Prayer Service

Taizé Prayer service in the Retrochoir of the Cathedral on Sunday 13 May at 6.00pm

As part of our regular Services of Light we will be holding a Taizé Prayer service in the Retrochoir of the Cathedral on Sunday 13 May at 6.00pm.

Taizé is a small village in the Burgundy region of France where an ecumenical community of brothers lives. The community was founded during the Second World War by Brother Roger to provide sanctuary for those fleeing from persecution. Others joined him and now the community includes brothers from across the world who are concerned with working for peace and reconciliation. A key text for the community is the Beatitudes (Matthew 5. 1–12) which describes the upside-down nature of the kingdom of God. Many thousands flock to Taizé each year, especially young people, to seek God in the community’s lifestyle and worship.

We will gather to pray to God using chants which are used at Taizé and in an order of service suggested by the community. The chants have been chosen to help us reflect on our response to God who has a passion for the poor and for justice, reflecting the themes of Christian Aid Sunday. The chants are repeated many times as meditative prayer to help us to become centred on God, allowing God to speak to us at a deep level.

Silence is also a major part of worship at Taizé. As well as some silence between chants we will hold a longer silence during our prayer. You are encouraged to listen to God in the silence, perhaps focussing on the icon of the Annunciation on the altar, on the Taizé cross or on the words of the reading or the chants.

You are very welcome to join us. On arrival, please make your way to the far east end of the Cathedral and pick up a service sheet as you enter the Retrochoir.

The next Services of Light using songs and liturgy from the Iona Community will be on Sunday 10 June and Sunday 8 July.

The next Taize Prayer service will be on Sunday 12 August.