Open Garden Squares Weekend 2018

How many of us walk through London noticing places we aren’t allowed access? A gate here, a large wall there. And we wonder what’s inside, how can we get in and see what belongs to someone else.

Open Garden Squares Weekend that took place on 9 - 10 June was an opportunity to ‘scratch the itch’ and visit so many of these gorgeous little gems – for us the most special is the tranquil, walled garden of our Dean. 

This year, our second of opening the garden at Bankside, over 1400 people came to see this perfect ‘secret garden’.  Some scurried through, in and out in no time, barely pausing.  But others stayed, watching the water trickle into the pond and listening to the harp whilst sipping a chilled glass of elderflower presse. 

At times the queue for the garden became quite long,  And for those patiently waiting the Friends of Southwark Cathedral served freshly brewed tea and coffee with home baked cake. 

The weekend is definitely a date for your diary – 8 and 9 June 2019…..