Evensong commemorating Thomas Cure and the female benefactors of the United St. Saviour’s Charity

Join us on Thursday 24 May for a special Choral Evensong as we commemorate Thomas Cure.

United St Saviour’s Charity is an historic charity serving the communities of Southwark by investing in our communities through our £1m annual charitable grants programme across north Southwark and providing 75 almshouses for older people. United St Saviour's Charity has a vision to build and maintain the close-knit communities that make Southwark wonderfully distinctive, by bringing people from all backgrounds together to support those in greatest need, and to help everyone gain from each other.

The charity was founded in 1541 and we are an amalgamation of numerous charities and bequests left centuries ago by generous benefactors to benefit in perpetuity the poor of the parish.

Their most well-known benefactor was Thomas Cure who died on 24 May in 1588. He was an important person locally, the Member of Parliament for Southwark, as well as East Grinstead and Master Saddler to Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. He is buried in the Cathedral, and each year, this special commemoration service recognises his legacy of the almshouses.

This year also marks 100 years since some women were granted the right to vote in the UK, marking another step forward in the history of acknowledgment and visibility of women’s contribution to the stability, progress and long term development of the communities around them.  At this Evensong we will be bringing special attention to, and gratitude for Southwark women past and present who made, and who continue to make a significant contribution to life in Southwark; women from our past who also left the charity generous legacies and are buried alongside Thomas Cure in this Cathedral, and women of today who are leading some of Southwark’s most dynamic and important organisations.

At this service we will commemorate the lives of women from our past including Jane Gatland, Elizabeth Paget, Elizabeth Marshall, Mary Reading, Jane Austin, and in particular Elizabeth Newcomen, Alice Shaw Overman and Dorothy Applebee.

We are also joined by three inspiring women, Patria Roman (Latin Elephant), Helen Rice (Advising Communities) and Monika Linton (Brindisa) who are making a huge contribution to Southwark today.

This service will take place at 5.30pm in the Cathedral nave.

To find out more about United St Saviour's Charity visit our website www.ustsc.org.uk