City of London Sinfonia - Absolute Bird: Flock of Europe

The Cathedral is delighted that we will be hosting the City of London Sinfonia on Wednesday 15 May

Hosted by TV/Radio presenter and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) President Miranda Krestovnikoff, City of London Sinfonia brings an interactive evening of medieval to classical birdsong music in the stunning surrounds of Southwark Cathedral.

Throughout the performance, Miranda guides the audience in an interactive journey into the songs of the cuckoo, the nightingale and, inspired by her own flock, hens. It all begins with a participatory game of musical birdsong around the Cathedral, in which, by using downloaded recordings of birdcalls, our audience is encouraged to find and congregate in their own ‘flock’, with a few audience members chosen to be rogue robins to cause some playful disruption.

Absolute Bird: Flocks of Europe explores music from previous centuries by composers including Vivaldi, Haydn, Janequin and Couperin; works that have been inspired by cuckoos, nightingales and Miranda’s favourite hens, with reflections and introductions from our host.

ANONYMOUS Sumer is Icumen In
DAQUIN The Cuckoo
JANEQUIN Le Chant des Oiseaux
VIVALDI Violin Concerto in A Major, 'The Cuckoo'
COUPERIN Le Rossignol en Amour (The Nightingale in Love)
VIVALDI La Primavera from Le quattro stagioni
COUPERIN Le Rossignol Vainqueur (The Vanquished Nightingale)
HAYDN Symphony No.83, ‘The Hen’

City of London Sinfonia
Miranda Krestovnikoff Presenter
Alexandra Wood Director/Violin

For further information please visit the City of London Sinfonia website here