Cathedral Roof Repairs

The Dean and staff from the Cathedral inspect the latest roof works

I don’t really do ladders or heights but even I could not resist the opportunity to climb the scaffolding currently shrouding the east end of the Cathedral to see the work on the choir roof nearing completion. 

The project, funded by the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund as well as some individual donors, has been to reroof the choir and repair quite a lot of the stonework which has deteriorated over the years.  In that work we have been in partnership with the City and Guilds  of London Art School based in Kennington.  Student stone carvers worked on decorative bosses last summer and they are now giving them the final touches which will see them in place for centuries to come. 

Not only has this great project helped secure the building for future generations but it has also given the next generation of stone carvers wonderful hands-on experience.

Andrew Nunn

(c) DIocese of Southwark Communications