Cathedral Choir on Tour

The boys and men of the Cathedral Choir recently went on tour to Rouen and Paris. One of the choristers, William, wrote

The west front of Rouen Cathedral was a stunning opener to our tour of Rouen.  Singing in the Cathedral was an amazing experience due to the awe-inspiring architecture and the acoustic within it. Paris, for which we’d all been waiting, surpassed our expectations. Its unique buildings and boulevards were beautiful as was the Seine river boat tour, but the highlight of the visit was going up the Eiffel Tower. Another highlight was the breath-taking scenery of Bec – Hellouine with its trees, stream and kind hosts at the monastery who gave us an inspiring tour followed by a few biscuits!

Thank you to all who support the choir and not least through the annual Christmas Concert.  The money raised enables the choir to go on tours such as this, a really important experience for the boys and the girls.  As a cathedral without a residential choir school opportunities to deepen the esprit de corps are essential.  Our friends help us to do this.

If you would like to join us on Friday 14 December for the Choir Christmas Concert when the Boys' and Lay-Clerks will sing Handel's Messiah Part I and traditional Christmas songs  please visit our events page here