Anniversary of the Marchioness Pleasure Boat Disaster

On the 20 August 1989 there was a fatal collision between two boats on the River Thames close to Cannon Street Bridge and Southwark Cathedral.

The pleasure steamer Marchioness, on which a 30th birthday party was being held, sank instantly.  51 people died in that terrible disaster.  At the west end of the Cathedral there is a memorial to the 51 who died, whose names are written into the stone.  The octagonal memorial stone was dedicated in 1991 in the presence of Diana, Princess of Wales and has a ship's wheel engraved around the outer edge.

This year marks the 29th anniversary of that disaster and, as on each year, the event and the loss of so many young lives will be marked at Southwark Cathedral.  Therefore, on Monday 20 August, following the 12.45pm Eucharist in the Harvard Chapel, there will be a procession to the memorial at which the names of those who died will be solemnly read by one of the survivors.  Prayers will be said and people are invited to bring flowers to lay there. 

Please feel free to join us.