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Monday, 2 October 2017

10.00 Jim Grover - Of things not seen

Of things not seen is a photo-essay by the award-winning photographer Jim Grover which tells the story of a year of ministry by the Reverend Kit Gunasekera, a Church of England priest in Clapham, South London. Originally presented at the Oxo Gallery on London’s Southbank, the exhibition attracting 7,400 visitors and extensive media coverage. It is currently touring various venues in the UK. More information: ofthingsnotseen.com

Saturday, 28 October 2017

10.00 Chico Mentor - An exhibition of paintings

Chico paints in oil and acrylics on canvas aiming for a naive, playful and happy expression with dynamic colours and shapes. Predominating colours are fire red, yellow and green melting together in visual explosions that travel to the subconscious of the audience. Chico’s subject are the people in London and Latin America, their customs and their religion represented by the sacred symbols of the two cultures.