Journey with Southwark Cathedral

Pilgrimage to Jordan and Sinai
Pilgrimage to Jordan & Sinai 2009
Each year the Cathedral organises an opportunity for people to make a pilgrimage. These events are open to members of the congregation and others who would like to travel with us.

In previous years we have been to Turkey, Greece, Syria, Rome and Assisi, and in 2009 to Jordan and Sinai. In 2010 two groups went to Oberammergau to see the Passion Play. In May 2011 we had a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and in October another pilgrimage to Holy Armenia. In 2013 we went to the Holy Land in February and Santiago de Compostela in May. In 2014 we visited Holy Georgia (one of our pilgrims, Eleanor Stoneham, has written about this in her blog which you can find here). If you would like to read the Dean's Blog of the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, you can find it here.

In June 2015 with travelled through Greece in the footsteps of St Paul. The Dean's blog for this pilgrimage can be found here and another blog from one of the pilgrims, Eleanor Stoneham, can be found here.

The picture above was taken during the 2009 pilgrimage and a brief review of it can be found by clicking here

2017 In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

Martin Luther
A group, led by the Dean of Southwark, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, will travel to Germany from 5th - 14th June 2017.

In 1517 an Augustinian Friar from Germany set off a series of events that would transform the Christian church in the west and would become known as the Reformation. Five hundred years later we recognise that all our churches and denominations grew out of those events, even the Roman Catholic Church which experienced its own reformation in response to the challenge from the Protestants. Martin Luther, that Augustinian Friar, is a towering figure in European history, often talked of, not always understood, loved by some, hated by others.

This anniversary has provided us with the opportunity to travel through Germany to visit the places associated with Luther. Whether you know a lot about events of five hundred years ago or only a little, this will be a fascinating journey. Luther was no fan of pilgrimages – so we can promise you no spiritual indulgences when you follow his own journey. But, in the true spirit of pilgrimage, we will make the journey prayerfully as we give thanks for all that renewed the church then and renews the church now.

The brochure can be downloaded here and a booking form here.

Please note that this pilgrimage is curently fully booked. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please complete and return a booking form, but do not send a deposit at this time.

Please send a completed booking form to:

Mr Mark Charlton
Southwark Cathedral
London Bridge
London SE1 9DA
E-mail: Pilgrimage Administrator

2018 Holy Land

Holy Land
Dean and Bishop
A group, led by the Bishop of Southwark and the Dean of Southwark, will travel to the Holy Land from 19th - 26th February 2018.

In 2013 we first led a Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and this was repeated in early 2016 as over 80 people from across the Diocese made the journey with us.

Our pilgrimages have been amazing experiences, and no two are the same. We love travelling with old friends, but we also hope that many people who have never been on pilgrimage to the Holy Land will join us in 2018.

The brochure can be downloaded here and a booking form here.

Please send a completed booking form to:

Pilgrimage Administrator
Trinity House
4 Chapel Court
Borough High Street
London SE1 1HW
E-mail: Pilgrimage Administrator