Letter from Nepal

Dear Andrew and Southwark Cathedral,

Warmest greetings from us all at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, and from hot sticky monsoonal Nepal. Wow!… How I long for a dose of Southwark Evensong!

I am writing to say a huge thank you to you and the church family as we have received from our UK Office your lovely donation of £1,328 which converts a mighty 206,056.86. Nepali Rupees, which will help many poor and needy folks here. These funds will be used across two great needs, as mentioned in our project to you late last year – helping treat children with leprosy, and helping with earthquake relief work. It is truly lovely that you can help with work like this even though it is so far away from Southwark.

It is now very hot and sticky Nepal. The monsoon has arrived which is terrific for the rice-planting, but we (the hospital) was hit by lightning at times in the huge thunderstorms that the monsoon brings most nights, (and tends to wipe out a few computers if we don’t disconnect in time, and our internet) and when the rain stops… boy! does it get hot and sticky?! Today is 39 degrees and very, very, very humid.

A few days ago, I popped onto the Lalgadh Hospital Facebook Page some pictures showing last Sunday’s Outpatients Clinics.  If you have time, take a quick glimpse, it is mind-blowingly busy, but compassionate caring and healing work in Jesus’ name and with His love for the leprosy-affected and other poor and needy folks at the bottom of the world’s wood-pile; this is what you are helping with here.

A few weeks ago before landslides and monsoon cut the road we managed to get through and revisit that Kalika primary school way up high in Sindhuli District. You may remember there were some pitcures of this school in our last Newsletter and our presentation at Southwark in April 2016. It all looks different now that the rains have started and here’s what it looked like just a couple of weeks ago. There is a lot to do as the school is badly earthquake damaged - beyond repair - and needs rebuilding, however, it is all so remote and difficult to reach, but we will do it!    

We remember you there with great affection and especially your warm caring hospitality when we shared in the wonderful worship there in April. Please keep this mission work here in your prayers. Many, many thanks again.

Love to you all and God bless.

Graeme and Meena