Giving to the Cathedral


There has been an active Christian community engaging with the people of Southwark since at least 606 AD. Each generation used their time, skills and money to live out their mission to the surrounding community. Their effective stewardship of available resources is illustrated by the vibrant, growing congregation here today.

Donations, legacies and corporate donations are an invaluable gift to the Cathedral. We are entirely self-funding and receive no central government support. With your generous gifts, the vibrant and growing programme of worship, mission and praise will continue to grow and shape the life of all the people of Southwark and beyond.


For more information on Giving and Christian Stewardship click here.

How to support the Work...

One-Off Gift

If you are unsure of how best to donate then please contact the Recorder for help and advice.

Regular Giving

Situated just across the river from one of the world's leading financial centres in the City, Southwark takes seriously the stewardship of its financial resources. This includes encouraging regular donations towards the mission of the Cathedral.

Regular giving enables the Cathedral to be sure of its income, and plan accordingly, and also enables the giver to play a key part in the continued journey at Southwark.

A Season of Gifts

An invitation to reflect on how much you value belonging to our Cathedral and to review your own commitment to our ministry and mission.

Download the leaflet here and the Response Form here.

Give as you Earn

Many employers run 'Give as Your Earn' schemes. These benefit the Cathedral, as they are simple to administer (including reclamation of Gift Aid) and they benefit you!

You don't pay any tax on the donations you make. So, if you are a basic rate taxpayer, a gift of £5 only actually costs you £4 - so you can pass the tax relief on to the charity. Give As You Earn is particularly tax efficient for higher rate tax payers because every £10 given only costs you £6 of taxed income.

Give As You Earn is incredibly flexible - you can give as much or as little as you like, and change how you give and who you give to whenever you like. To join Give As You Earn your employer will need to be running a scheme. More information on GAYE is available on these sites:

More information on GAYE is available from:

Gift Aid

It is up-to all of us to ensure we make the most of our financial resources. If you are a UK taxpayer you can make your generous donation go even further by deciding to 'gift aid' it.

Gift Aid operates on a simple idea. Once you have signed a gift aid declaration, the Cathedral is able to claim back an extra 25% of your gift total from HM Revenue and Customs at no additional cost to you.

Simply download and return a Gift Aid declaration and we'll do the rest.


The life of the Cathedral is varied and exciting. It wouldn't be possible to have such a vibrant worshiping community that promotes the Christian message without the contribution made by those offering their skills and time in a voluntary capacity. By offering your time, skills and experience you play an active part in our day to day work. Through this you become involved with different groups; participate in the promotion of the gospel, and deepen friendship and faith.

There are a number of volunteering opportunities at the Cathedral. Click here to find out more.

If you would to like to work in a voluntary capacity please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator, Michelle Ford.


It is never too soon to write your Will. If you are considering leaving a legacy to the Cathedral, please contact the Recorder.

Remembering a family member or friend

You can remember the life of a loved one by giving a financial gift to a Cathedral project. Members of the congregation can also recognise other special occasions.

If you would like more information about this, please contact the Cathedral Administrator.

Matthew Knight
Cathedral Administrator
Tel: 020 7367 6726

Corporate donations

If you wish to make a corporate donation or donate to a specific project our Business Development Manager will be pleased to hear from you and to explain the range of projects for which the Cathedral is seeking funding. Please contact:

Rose Harding
Tel: 020 7367 6704

Contact Details

Please return all forms to:

The Recorder
Southwark Cathedral
London Bridge