Children and Young People


The Cathedral Chapter is committed to:

  • the inclusion of children and young people as members of the Christian community in this place, to the task of their faith development and to their safety;
  • continuing to work with children and young people through the Cathedral Choirs (link to Choirs and Music) and the Education Centre (link to Education Centre);
  • the provision of a high quality Sunday School for KS 1 and 2 children;
  • the provision of other occasional events for children of this age group (e.g. the Good Friday Workshop);
  • the provision of appropriate resources for KS3 and older teenagers, taking account of their spiritual and social needs;
  • the provision of opportunities for families with children of all ages to participate in the life of the Cathedral.

Click here to view the Chapter’s policy on safeguarding children

More details on the Chapter’s safeguarding policies and procedures can be found here.

For the under 4s

During the 11.00am Sunday Eucharist, playmates, toys, songs and stories for accompanied children under 4, in the Education Centre.

JuniorXpress 1 (4th birthday to School year 3) JuniorXpress 2 (School years 4-6)

Children meet with two adult leaders at 11.00am on Sundays for a programme of stories and activities designed to help them grow in their faith and understanding. JuniorXpress 1 are in the Education Centre. JuniorXpress 2 are in the Queen Elizabeth Room. They rejoin their parents in church in time for Communion.

Admission to Communion before Confirmation

Children of 8 and older who have been baptised and are regular worshippers may be admitted to Communion before Confirmation. Preparation takes place in the autumn each year and children are admitted on the Feast of Christ the King in November.

It is still too early to judge the impact of the practice of Admission on Confirmation. Evidence from around the Church of England suggests that Confirmation for young people now normally takes place around the age of fifteen.


Youth XpressYoung people (Year 7 and above) meet on the second and fourth Sundays of the month in the John Trevor Williams Room for breakfast at 10.30 am. This is an open, friendly, secure, fun and reflective space for young people to explore the important questions in life, with a team of young adult leaders. Sessions end at 11.45am in time for group members to return to the service in the Cathedral. A varied programme including excursions and discussion groups as well as occasional meetings with young people from different churches and other faith communities.

Participation of young people in worship

As well as our three choirs, there are opportunities for children and young people to act as servers and acolytes, to read lessons and to lead prayers of intercession in Cathedral services, as well as helping in other age-appropriate ways.

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